Goodbye Datto, it was good while it lasted

As Datto starts its walk down the "green mile"

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So Kaseya has acquired Datto for $6.2 billion, now what? What next for Datto’s customers? Is this deal in their best interest?

With the MSP world bidding goodbye to Datto, the writing is clear for Datto’s customers. Because Kaseya is where products go to fade away into oblivion.

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Without time for context, Kaseya is the shadiest business I have dealt with. 6 months until I’m done with them... after 2.5 years, freedom is so close.

some shady shit!

CAN WE PLEASE STICKY THIS SHIT - People need to stop signing up for ANY and ALL Kaseya services. Vote with your wallet friends.

For example, if I need to invoice one of our two clients, it takes me 5 minutes to throw an invoice together in either Word or Excel, PDF it, and sent it off whereas in BMS, I have to go through at least 5-7 various steps depending if it’s a recurring serivce, one time service, etc.

Kaseya contract terms are unetheical - read before you sign up - and then don’t sign up Even if you sign up for a 1 year term, unless your contract specifically states otherwise, and unless you cancel within the 2nd to last month of the term, and only in that 30 day window, you get autorenewed for 3 years

How about no? How about reimbursing me for the downtime instead of charging me money that’s not on the stupid 3-year contract you locked me into? Yes, it’s only $1.93, but the sheer BALLS it took to add an administrative fee to my invoice astounds me.

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Kaseya-Datto: A “marriage of convenience”, where customers pay the price

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